How to self dye hair turquoise

According to Good Housekeeping, it is possible and easy to dye your hair yourself. Good Housekeeping stresses that more than two or three shades from the current hair color should be left to professionals, many people color their hair at home every day. Also make sure before you begin dyeing your hair your plumbing works. I had a broken pipe when I started mine and I couldn’t rinse my hair.

The key to dyeing your hair by yourself is to be prepared. If your hair is shoulder-length or greater, buy two turquoise color kits. Having multiple pairs of latex gloves, a coloring comb, a shower cap, and a bowl and brush for the dye, like professionals use, will make the process easier and the result will look more professional. Go through the kit boxes and lay out everything before starting, like a dentist or surgeon. Read all of the instructions beforehand and be sure you understand the process, to avoid stopping in the middle and possibly leaving the dye in for too long, which is a very common mistake. Have solid, clear lip balm to apply along your hairline to avoid dye streaks on your forehead, and make sure to have makeup removing towelettes available to clean drips and streaks off your skin as soon as they happen to avoid staining.

Make sure the area is prepared. Put down newspapers to protect the floor from dripping dye. Wear an old robe or open front top to avoid messing up the dyeing process by pulling a top over your head when you rinse. Make sure you have at least two mirrors set up so that you can see what you’re doing and apply the turquoise dye evenly. Start at the top of your head to allow the roots to process longest and comb the dye evenly through your hair. When it’s time for the dye to process, make sure to use a shower cap so you can move around without splattering dye throughout your space.

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Summer 2019 Fashion Forward Hair Trends

When summer finally arrives, so too does the endless sunshine, social commitments and a longing for
effortless and natural styling.
This summer is no exception with a focus on hairstyles that require minimal time to create but still look chic
and composed. Think layered bangs that frame the face, bouncy and textured bobs that skim the shoulders
and sleek up-do’s that will take you from the beach to the BBQ all in the same afternoon. This summer has
provided inspiration in spades and we have broken it down into three
easy trends to suit everyone.

Brilliant Bangs

Summer has seen the return of bangs in all the best forms. Regardless of your face shape or hair type, there
is a flattering fringe to suit. If you’re up for a bit of commitment, take inspiration from the 50’s and go for
short crop. The micro-bang is bold but works with a variety of textures from thick, curly hair to thin and
For a more natural look, try a layered fringe that skims the brow line or add some length to frame the face.
Movement naturally adds a relaxed, understated glamour to your look that is reminiscent of the 70’s and can
be adapted to suit all ages.

The Versatile Bob

The bob is one hairstyle that has been on trend for a while now however the style is continues to evolve.
This summer has seen a slightly longer length that sits between the jawline and the shoulder and is all about
texture. Perfect for both curly and straight hair types, the bob will take you from day to night with minimal
effort but loads of sophistication.
There are many adaptations of the bob including blunt, sleek cuts, one length all over and undone messy
textured looks. With so many
fabulous options to choose from, there is sure to be a beautiful bob to suit you!
Try adding interest with some fun hair clips for the perfect homage to summer!

Unbelievable Up-do’s

The one thing that is guaranteed about the summer months is that it will be hot! Our time spent outdoors
increases and our pace generally slows down. This is perhaps why we were loving effortless up-do’s this
year. Favoured by celebrities, cat-walk models and Princesses alike, we have seen a variety of looks from
relaxed to ultra-glam. Wearing your hair up is no longer limited to sporting events and nights spent on the
couch. Try a messy top-knot at the beach or low bun for a casual lunch, sporty braids for the gym or a sleek
ponytail for dinner out with friends. For a fashion forward look pull your hair up and show off your sunkissed
face in all its glowing and glittering glory.
Accessorise your look with a vibrant scarf or a big bow tied around your ponytail for the ultimate summer

Summer is ultimately about adaptable fuss-free styling. These three key trends prove that fashionable looks
don’t need to take hours to
create, leaving you more time to get out and enjoy yourself!

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