Pros and Cons of Becoming a Hair stylist

Being a hair stylist seems like the perfect job. With all its perks you may think it’s always Flexi-rods, straighteners, and extensions; I mean what’s the worst that could go wrong in the beauty industry. It is intended to be fun right, Wrong. Just like anything in life, working in the cosmetology industry has its stressful moments, but we’ll get to that.

Pros of Being a Hair stylist

Let’s get into all the great stuff that make being a hair stylist the ideal job. Becoming a licensed stylist is possible before even graduating high from school. Many cosmetology schools offer programs that train you in the beauty field, allowing you to graduate with a hair license and diploma. The length of the course is one of the most appealing factors to most, considering that they graduate in a short period. For most, getting a hair license lasts between twelve and fourteen months. There is also the part-time class option that makes the course a bit lengthy to about two to four months.

The flexibility and scheduling arrangements that come along with hairstyling: The last thing one needs in this modern world is the lack of balance and feeling trapped in a career. As a woman or man with children, a student with a demanding school schedule or an entrepreneur of another hustle, it’s a great perk that being a hair stylist gives you flexibility and balance between your life and career. As a stylist, you’ll choose your working days and hours.

The opportunity to start new careers. Being a hairs tylist gives one the clientele and foundation for blooming into other businesses like having their hairline be it selling hair or hair products. With doing so, you can sprout an additional source of income from your career as a stylist. Being a hair stylist can be a path to get you to many other blooming careers. Be positive. Remain committed to your job and focused on building a brand.

You determine your worth and set your price. As a stylist, you have the upper hand of picking your price. You are in full control of setting the cost and getting the value of your craft. Yes, gone are the days of being underpaid.

You don’t have to wait for paychecks any longer. Another perk of being a hair stylist is getting cash every day as the payment for your service and even some generous tips. Cash on demand gets rid of the nuisance of waiting for a paycheck or counting working hours. However, if you are an employee at a salon, this will differ, as you will be receiving what you have agreed upon with your boss. But you could always bargain on the salary depending on your skills and experience.

Cons of Being a Hair stylist

Being a hair stylist comes with unsteady income. Someone who wants to be a hair stylist but comes from a nine-to-five job background will cringe at the thought of having an unknown income. A stylist’s salary depends on how many clients they have been of service to. Also, how much they are paying for the craft and tips. There are setbacks like a canceled appointment or no-show ups, which all cut in your cash-outs. There are so many unknown factors that make it hard to calculate the exact weekly and monthly earnings of a hair stylist.

Building Clientele: In the hair business, you have to be your biggest fan. You have to ensure your own promotion as a way of gaining clientele and showcasing your craft. Don’t be depended on your customers returning or new people giving you a try. What you have to do is put your best foot forward and show the world what you can do. With social media, this has become way easier as you get attention if you stand out. Self-promotion isn’t easy, especially for a reserved person, but you have to do it! Consistency is key! Have excellent customer service and do your best to promote yourself. All these tips will help build a clientele. Don’t be discouraged if you are under-booked in the beginning.

You have to budget for rent. As an independent stylist, sooner or later, you will be required to find an office. You could either be part of a salon and pay suite rent or booth that could vary from between 150$ and 200$ each week. If it’s a new stylist, this can be a substantial requirement. Tip: you could always start as an employee as you earn and save on working on your independent brand.

Being a hair stylist comes with purchasing working tools and products: Unless you are an employed stylist, whether you freelance or work at a salon, you have to buy work-related items to do your work. Hair products like oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair clips, dryers, curlers, and so forth are inevitable requirements to buy. Tip: Invest in high-quality tools and products. When you buy quality tools, you’ll spend less on replacing them now and then because they are durable.

The burden that comes with handling different types of personalities: It’s not new for a hair stylist to complain about rude customers, canceled and no-show appointments, and not forgetting clients with unrealistic expectations. It’s no lie, dealing with different types of people and hair types can be a handful. It can also be very intimidating, tiring, and demanding to deal with inquiries when they want to book an appointment via social media, texts, emails, or calls. Tip: don’t be pressured! Use scheduling websites, have a FAQs section in your social media bio and website that include the necessary info to avoid repeated questions.

No Benefits! At this point, it is where it gets serious. All the above cons can be easily solved, but what about this? As an employee, you are assured of benefits like health insurance, life insurance, and dental care paid by the boss, but as an independent stylist, you don’t have such benefits. Tip: Get insurance! Talk to insurance professionals if you have to but make sure you are covered. Insurance saves you money and stress for rainy days. Like any other career path, becoming a hair stylist is no different, this too has its pros and cons.

Before making up your mind about getting that hair license and being a stylist as your career, make sure you have set realistic and attainable goals. You get out of this career what you put in. Do not expect to graduate out of beauty school and have the same path and equal success as someone else. If you put in hard work and effort, you will reap all the benefits being a stylist can offer. If you are the type to sit around and wait for things to happen for you; your career will not grow as quickly as it should. There is no holy grail!

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