How to Become a Hair Stylist?

Passionate about hair? Want to become a hair stylist but don’t know how? Well, becoming a hair stylist is not that difficult if you are determined! Here are some ways that you need to know or practice before becoming a hair stylist: 

Hair here, hair there! In order to become a hair stylist one should understand hair first. All of your clients would have different hair types and you should know how to style and treat them. I made a guide that will help you differentiate them: 1. Straight hair (type 1): This type of hair is usually greasier and shinier than any other hair types. Why? because natural oils on their scalps can move down the hair shaft faster. 2. Wavy hair (type 2): Wavy hair is of course called wavy because of the wave like strands of hair. It is usually thicker than straight hair. 3. Curly hair (type 3): Curly hair is the type of hair that bends, curves and coils. Its shape is very similar to a spring. 4. Kinky hair (type 4): Kinky hair is sensitive to heat and product. It is also known as very curly hair. 

Products Understand what product is needed for a specific kind of hair. Some products can damage hair more than treat them. As a person with long straight hair I carefully choose my shampoos, conditioners and oils because some products do not suit with my hair type. A hair stylist would be responsible if their client’s hair is damaged so I recommend that you check the products first. It would also be nice if you ask about the client’s preferred brand to be able to satisfy them. 

Haircuts and hairstyles 

A haircut or hairstyle would suit your costumers if it fits their face shape. It is a hair stylist’s duty to be able to find a suitable hairstyle that the client was not able to find. This is another guide to help you understand face shapes and hair styles: 

1. Rectangle: Those with rectangular face shapes would be suited with hair styles that doesn’t elongate their face. Longer hairstyles would elongate your face so a rectangle should avoid these.

2. Square: A square shaped face would likely draw attention to the forehead, jawline and cheekbones. Hairstyles that highlights their cheekbones would suit them.

3. Diamond: They have angular face shapes. Hairstyles that are able to soften these angles are the best for them.

4. Oval: They have appearances that are balanced. A large variety of hairstyles would suit them.

5. Round: They have faces that are almost equal in length and width. Hairstyles that can add shape to the face will suit them.

6. Heart: A person with a heart shaped face has a broad forehead and broad cheekbones. Their hairstyle should draw attention to the bottom half of their face.

7. Triangle: They have strong jawlines that are wider than their forehead. Hairstyles that can balance their jaw suits them. 


Be creative when styling hair. Why? because it makes it would make your work stand out from the work of 

other hair stylists. It would also give you regular costumers who keep on coming back for your work. You can also study the color theory to be able to recommend hair colors to your clients. 

Techniques and Methods 

You should know the methods and techniques in cutting and styling hair as a hair stylist. A single type of cut can change a whole appearance. A single uncolored strand of hair would also pop out. 

Learn professionally 

Attending beauty schools will help you excel in hair styling. It might be a bit pricey but it is more affordable than most careers paths. It will also be able to help you improve so it’s worth the shot! 

Learn from professionals You can learn from celebrity hairstylists through the internet. You can also watch or read tutorials. Buying books on hair styling would also be great help! 

Practice! In everything that you do, you should practice! and that includes hair styling. You can practice on your friends, family, relatives or even yourself! You can apply part-time at salons in order to gain hands-on experience. 

If you are able to follow these steps you can become a respected hairstylist! Let’s not forget about being respectful to our clients too. If you are capable to make clients stay then you have surely become a successful hair stylist but even if you fail or succeed just keep on practicing! There is always space for improvement!

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