How to naturally bleach hair

If you want to lighten your hair but don’t want to damage it, continue reading. Yes, it is possible to naturally
lighten your hair using the products that you have in your house and in your kitchen! We will show you what
you can use to naturally bleach your hair, without toxic chemicals:

Lemon juice

Simply wash your hair and then apply lemon juice to it. We suggest that you mix half cup of lemon juice and
half cup of water. You should leave it on your hair for about ten minutes. Then just wash your hair again,
this time with a shampoo and conditioner, as you would usually do. If you don’t have lemon, you can also
use apple cider vinegar, for similar effects. Don’t worry, it won’t leave any smell on your hair!


Make very strong chamomile tea (it means you should add like three tea bags in one cup of water) and apply
it on your hair. You can leave it on your hair longer than lemon juice because it doesn’t have any side effect.
You can even leave it up to one hour, for the best results, if you have time.

Baking soda

You probably know that you can use baking soda for almost anything: cleaning your house, whitening your
teeth or removing stains from your clothes. Well, you can also use it to bleach your hair naturally. Leave it
on your hair for about 5 minutes, because it is stronger than lemon and chamomile. Then wash your hair and
apply conditioner or mask.

These products are completely natural and chemical free which is good, but it means that you have to be
patient because they may take more time to lighten your hair. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see desired
results immediately. Just repeat the procedure after a couple of days. If you persist and keep using these
products, we are sure you will see the result! Not only will your hair become lighter, but it will also have
more shine.

These methods have the best effect on women who have naturally light hair. Unfortunately, if you have very
dark hair, this products probably won’t help you a lot. It is because dark hair has stronger pigment and it is
difficult to change it. Anyway, you can have some benefits of these products, too. If you apply these
products your hair will be shiny and it will look healthier!

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